About Red Supplements

Welcome to Red Supplements by Victor Pride (Bold & Determined).

I have a lot of experience with bodybuilding nutrition and dietary supplements. Combined I have over a decades of experience.

With that experience, I learned one thing: most supplements on the market don’t do much. Some work, but a lot more don’t do anything.

I know very well what it’s like to use junk supplements that don’t do anything.

But I also know how great it is to get GREAT supplements that provide real results.

So that’s why I created with Red Supplements – a supplement company that you can trust.

Red Supplements – Dietary Supplements That Actually Work.

When you buy from Red Supplements, you can always be sure that what you’re buying actually works.

If you know Victor, you know I spent years building our reputations. I never “sold out” and I never told lies to make a few dollars.

I have always been upfront, and it turned out to be a good business move. I both have reputations for not bullshitting our audiences, readers, friends and fans.

Our reputations are how I make a living and our audiences trust us.

That’s why I’m willing to put our reputation behind our products and supplements.

My reputation took years to build and a bad reputation for us now would mean the end of our businesses.

Knowing how important my rep is to me, I’m willing to put ours behind Red Supplements 100%.

It’s easy to do because I use our products, I know that Red Supplements offers some of the best fitness and bodybuilding products on the market.

I personally use Red Supplements products to make sure they’re on point.

The dietary supplements industry is home to tens of thousands of products that simply DO NOT WORK or make a “1% difference”. At best.

Some of our suppliers have even casually offered to “water down” our supplements to cut costs down!

Obviously I said no – and I said GOODBYE to that company. You will not find that garbage here.

When you pay money for supplements you want them to work!

Everything you find in our product catalog will meet clearly defined expectations and label claims. Guaranteed.

I’ve told you about the problems in the supplement industry, but we’re not here to fix those problems – we’re here to give you a solution.

After today the problems in the supplement industry won’t be your problem anymore.

Now you know where to get supplements that work and you know the brand that you can always count on to give you the real deal – Red Supplements.

It’s a great feeling when you get a package in the mail and you know it’s going to work.

I know what it means to get junk supplements and we know what it means to get GREAT supplements.

Red Supplements wants to give you that feeling of greatness and euphoria every time you get one of our packages in the mail.

Red offers some of the best bodybuilding and fitness products in the industry and we also offer free in-depth information on our blog page.

Armed with the best supplements and the best knowledge you’ll have everything you need to succeed in your fitness or bodybuilding goals.

Getting ripped can change your life – and we want to help you get there.

I will give you the knowledge and we’ll offer the supplements that will help you get there – the rest is up to you.

I personally use Red Supplements products and we hope you’ll give them a try too.

See for yourself what it’s like to use supplements that actually work.

I value the opportunity to impress you – so start on our products page to see which supplement might work for you.

I don’t have a lot of products to choose from, but you can rest assured knowing that the supplements I carry actually work.

Talk soon.

-Victor Pride

If you have any questions about a Red Supplements product or want to read about user experiences, feel free check out the Red Supplements Forum.

Red Supplements Mission Statement

Red Supplements provides dietary supplements that meet clearly defined expectations and label claims.

Red Supplements does not and will not sell products that I have not used or aren’t willing to put our reputation behind.