When I first started the injections in July 2015 yes my T was low from the blood work that was done this was my primary doctor. He started me out on 1.5ml every 2 weeks that is what I have been doing up until November 2016 when he did blood work again to see where my T levels are at well they came back and it was 59 still fucking low when I went to see him about it he decided to bump it up to the 2ml every 2 weeks like I stated when I first wrote you. I have asked him about the AI and HCG the run along meds to go along with TRT he was all for it until his dumb ass realized they was prescription and not over the counter that is when he made an appointment for me to go see this endocrinologist and to answer your first question no my estrogen was never checked and my T levels since I started the 2ml every 2 weeks back in November hasn't been checked either. Actually Derek I'm the one that stop going to get my shots every 2 weeks of the 2ml after you told me it was to much dose at one time granted you didn't tell me to stop I'm the one who made that decision I told the endocrinologist that and that is when he said to continue to stay off it for an additional 3 weeks. So I have made another decision I'm not going back to this other doctor fuck him don't trust him anyways from his limp wrist hand shake I'm going to go back to my primary care doctor talk to him about splitting the dose up doing one on Monday and the other on Thursday and I will try to convince the fucker about a AI if not I'm going to do what I read today from John at John Doe Bodybuilding he said he doesn't even take a AI with his TRT he takes Red PCT so fuck it roll the dice take the 2ml of T along with Red PCT and eat steak eggs and lift hard and heavy like I have been. I believe I have answered all your questions this is like texting this writing back and forth stuff gets lost in translation and I'm sure you don't have time for a phone call. I do appreciate the help and info but living in a small town in the midwest and right now working 13 days on and one day off at my job this is what I have to work with once things slow down at work and my TRT is no better I can check out Primebody like Lewis over at Iron & Tweed has recommended. Once again thanks.

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