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Update 1 (week 1)

To keep it short:
– Significant decrease in appetite. As an example, day 1, I woke up at 7am. Did not feel the need to eat until 5pm or so. When I finally ate, I didn’t feel like eating much. No negative side effects to report to date. Easiest way to describe the feeling: I am much less concerned about eating.
– Ability to focus – much improved. I found reading the news, to concentrating at work much easier. One negative is that I felt a little more serious than usual (I typically like to joke around a lot). I also am working on two business ventures, I was kicking the can down the road on one of them because of a cross-country move to the west coast…that project is now progressing very well. I’d attribute some of my improved productivity to the stack.
– Energy levels all up – absolutely no jitters which I am very impressed with. I took 3 burners one day to see how it would effect me…the result was more energy…so I decided to get another workout in. I’ve done this in the past with pro-oxy elite and other burners and it would make me bounce off the walls. I’d also note, that I’ve been taking the stack at 4:30am when I wake up. By 5:00am, right before I do my 3 mile run around lake outside my apt, I feel pretty f’n good. I’ve started mixing in a few sprints during the jogs.

I’ll give a more comprehensive overview next week. But overall, I am quite impressed.

Hope the info was helpful.