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Update 2 (and last update) – I didn’t post an update last week to avoid being redundant. 1-month is not necessary for me to come up with a definitive opinion on the stack. I can safely say after three weeks of taking PCT, Focus, and Burner, that they are the real deal. I actually ran out of focus (I recommend you buy two bottles at a time if you plan on using daily) after two weeks, which actually allowed me to confirm Focus and Burner do two very different things.

Burner on its own:
– Very high energy and turned my intensity up in the gym to an extremely high level. I’d finish super-sets, then hit a drop-set, and another..and so-on. I felt the effects (high energy) for about 4-6 hours.
– Improves focus a little bit, but I felt more upbeat and active as opposed to wanting to dial-in on something although it did help in this way to a lesser extent as well.
– In terms of appetite suppression, if I took it at 4:30am, I usually could not eat until 1-5pm, normally I can make it to 11:30am before eating.

– Serious improvement in focus. The ability to sit through tasks to completion was substantially improved. Only negative is they do make you want to get down to work. I wouldn’t say anti-social feelings, but I became pretty intensely focused on getting done what I set out to get done. I’d say I felt the effects for about 8-10 hours.

– I feel great on all three. Could that be PCT, or maybe just the Burner and Focus…I do not know. With that said, I plan on using all 3 going forward.

Added note: I took a day off of Burner yesterday, and used a leftover fat burner from another company. I actually threw out the bottle after about 4 hours of being on it (shakes, sweating, crappy workout, heart thumping). I do not remember the name of the brand (UK import)…but I’ve had similar experiences on Performix SST and SuperHD and a number of others. It actually ruined my day….so I’d like to recommend, do not waste your money on garbage going forward. By far the best fat-burner I’ve ever taken is Burner. My last note is speculative, but I get the feeling that the maker of these supplements had the intent of using them themselves as a opposed to some guys in a lab mixing together a bunch of crap because of ‘research’.

Of course this is just one man’s experience, but I’d recommend to my friends.

Hope this has been helpful!