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Thank you for your purchase!

The beginner/advancer lifter recommended dosage has more to do with understanding your body than anything else.

In terms of importance, knowing your body is #1, past experience with anabolic supplements is #2, and amount of time lifting is #3.

If you have little to no previous experience with other anabolic substances then I would recommend starting slow and following the beginner protocol. It's just a more gradual approach to help get your body used to what it feels like being on such a powerful compound.

Buying the bundle was a smart move. I also recommend that you follow our recommended PCT-protocol whether you choose to do the beginner or advanced protocol for Red Growth.

Begin by takin 1 cap of Red-PCT per day while you are on cycle with Red Growth. (30 days)

Once you finish your Red Growth cycle, immediately start taking 3 caps of Red-PCT per day for 60 – 90 days.

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