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Thanks for the support Arthur.

The most important thing regarding supplements is knowing your own body.

If you have had positive experiences in the past taking anabolic supplements at lower dosages for longer periods of time then it should be fine to do so with Red Growth with a few modifications.

1. I do not recommend breaking up 1 capsule of Red Growth into smaller pieces. This is because the unique blend of ingredients in each capsule is meant to be taken in that specific dosage for the best effects. Breaking up the pills could majorly reduce the effectiveness of Red Growth.

2. By lowering the dosage you can increase how long you are able to be on-cycle for Red Growth, but the absolute maximum would be 6 – 8 weeks before doing a full PCT protocol.

– 1 capsule of Red Growth per day for 60 days (8 weeks) followed by 4 weeks of 3 caps of Red-PCT per day.
– 2 capsules of Red Growth per day for 45 days (6 weeks) followed by 3 weeks of 3 caps of Red-PCT per day.

We make our dosage recommendations based on what we see and feel is the most effective and safe dose for the vast majority of people out there.

You can modify them based on your experience, but just always be sure to pay close attention to how your body is feeling and adjust things accordingly.

Train Smart.