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At 189 lbs and 15% BF it will be very difficult to see noticeable increases in muscle while also dropping BF% down to 10%. Since this is your first time using any anabolic support, I would not be surprised if you did end up losing some BF% while also building muscle, but it probably won't be that drastic.

Regarding What kind of workout style (reps/frequency) to get maximum gains while on Red Growth, what you laid out sounds like a pretty good place to start. If you're looking for maximum muscle gains then you want to go with primarily a hypertrophy specific training program. High volume training where you are hitting each body part hard 2/3 times per week is ideal.

Seeing as you are mixing together 2-3 heavy training days with 2-3 lighter training days you're certainly getting enough volume in to trigger anabolic growth in all of your muscles. What does/did your diet look like at this time? In order to fully reap the benefits of Red Growth and an intensive training routine, your diet needs to follow the same path.

However, you tell me, How did you feel doing your routine on Red Growth and what were the results of it thus far?