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While we have done our best to decrease the possibilities of any serious side-effects occurring due to the proprietary blend of ingredients used in Red growth, it is important to realize that Red Growth is a very powerful anabolic supplement, and as with all anabolic compounds that actually produce results, there are some risks of side-effects occurring.

Things such as the potential of increased of acne, prostate enlargement, increased blood pressure, increased liver and kidney values, increased cholesterol, increased anger or aggression, some suppression of testosterone levels and or some boosting of estrogen levels may occur. These potential side-effects are similar to side-effects that may accompany steroid use, just at a much lesser extent than would actually happen if you took steroids.

By following our recommended protocols and taking Red-PCT alongside Red Growth & after your Red Growth cycle, you will drastically lower the chances of any of these side-effects from occurring.

You can find out much more information about Red Growth here: https://redsupplements.com/red-growth-faq/