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I will be finishing my four-week stint of Red PCT 2.0.
I have ordered the combo of Red Beast and Red PCT 2.0 for another 8-week stint with the intention of using as follows:
1 Red Beast (morning – noon – night = total 3/day) and 1 Red PCT 2.0 (night = total 1/day) for 8 weeks then 1 Red PCT (morning – noon – night) = 3/day) for 4 weeks.
I saw on one of your post to take Red PCT 3 times per day and Red Beast 4 times per day…
My question is – should I change my intake to as follows (I work out in the mornings):
2 Red Beast morning + 1 PCT
1 Red Beast noon + 1 PCT
1 Red Beast night = 1 PCT
Or just stay with the intake I was doing previously?

Thank you,