Two questions:
1. I have been on doctor supervised TRT for about 8 months. Prior to starting bi-weekly injections, my t-count was about 550. After several dosage adjustments, my t level is now about 1100. The doctor also prescribed Anastrozole (1/2 MG 3 times a week) to reduce the rise in estrogen. My problem with Anastrozole is that it gave me insomnia. Now no longer taking it, I've used Red-PCT as a replacement. When using it for this purpose, do you still recommend a 30 day break after a couple of months or can this be taken on a constant basis?

2. Have you heard of guys achieving my Kind of Test increase by taking the Red PCT alone, without dosing with Test? I'm thinking of considering an alternative (increased dose of Red – PCT) instead of test injections to boost my T count as a result of natural body functioning and not as a replacement/shutdown of my body's normal processes. (yes, I tried Clomid, but experienced negative side effects). I don't have any problem giving myself the injections and the cost isn't an issue, but I'm experiencing accelerated hair loss, and may have reached the limit of what I can do in the gym (I'm talking about gaining muscle mass) due to arthritic shoulders and constant tendon injury as I try to increase the amount of weight I lift. To counter the hair loss, I'm taking 200 mg of DIM daily along with a hand full of other supplements to counter the effects of DHT. In short, it isn't working. BTW, I'm 65, 6 ft. 2 in, 195 lbs and workout five times a week.
Any thoughts?

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