Derek @ RED

This question seems familiar… Have we spoke over email before about this already?

1. No, if you are trying to keep your estrogen in range, you need to have an AI constantly in your system to keep your Estrogen in range, otherwise if you take a 30 day break, during those 30 days your E levels will get too high (if you actually get high estrogen from a low dose of test). Have you actually had your estrogen levels checked? Or does your doctor just assume they will be out of range and has you using the arimidex anyways? Dosing an AI should be based on necessity, not on some random dosing schedule determined by intuition and guessing games.

2. No, you can't get the same Test levels you are with TRT injections with over the counter test-booster supplements. If your test is high, it's high, getting it high with exogenous test vs. cranking it up naturally isn't going to make a difference on your hair loss or your gym progress, as you will have the same amount of test in your body (assuming that you could actually get your natural levels up high enough to match TRT shots, which is likely near impossible unless your TRT dose is very low). Yes, DIM is meant to keep your estrogen levels in check, and usually women use it. Over the counter “workout supps” aren't going to help your hair loss you would need products specifically created for killing DHT (the best ones are prescription only, like finasteride).

If you have more questions about hair loss prevention and TRT, email me at [email protected] or @redsupplements.com">derek@redsupplements.com as we will totally derail this thread if we start ranting about hair loss preventative measures.