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    Hi there,

    I started a 1-month supplement program on July 1 that I am using in conjunction with my usual training and nutrition program. Feel free to ask me any questions with regard to my experience.

    Over the last 3 years I have trained 4-7 days a week and held a pretty steady diet. Average weight between 215-230 lbs (6ft) and body-fat ranging from 8-11% (can usually see a few abs depending on the season).

    I used Red Monkey last summer and had a pretty good experience, so I figured I’d kick this summer off with a Red Sup stack of PCT, Focus, and Burner and see what kind of results I get (also using Red Monkey but not my focus). As you’ll see below, I am not very scientific with my program or diet. In terms of my
    training program, the primary goal is to maintain athleticism for rock climbing/mountaineering. The only variable will be the Red Sup Stack and I will do my best to keep everything else the same.

    Supplements: PCT, Focus and Burner – recommended doses. Immediately prior to this program I was not taking anything besides the occasional green tea. In the past when I was playing college football, I used protein supplements (lots of them) and fat burners (primarily Pro-Oxy Elite).
    Diet: 4-6 Meals a Day. Mostly protein, fats, and complex carbs in the morning. No change here. 1-2 bad cheat days a week.
    Training: 5-7 days a week – Cardio 20 Minutes (hills,jogging, bike or stair-master), 2-3 upper body supersets (2 exercises each x 10-15 reps or max-out), 5-10 minute ab circuit.
    Sports: Indoor rock climbing 2-3 times a week.

    Stats if Relevant
    Weight: 226
    3 Mile Time: ~19.5 Minutes
    Bench Max and 225 reps: ~300-325 max, 225lbs x ~15 reps
    Squats: Stopped training legs because they are naturally big but around ~ 400-450 lbs when I do train

    Hopefully this will turn out to be helpful for some people! I’ll give updates weekly.

    Let’s see how she goes. Happy to share pre and post pictures when complete.


    This is great Edward, I’m looking forward to hearing about your progress.


    Update 1 (week 1)

    To keep it short:
    – Significant decrease in appetite. As an example, day 1, I woke up at 7am. Did not feel the need to eat until 5pm or so. When I finally ate, I didn’t feel like eating much. No negative side effects to report to date. Easiest way to describe the feeling: I am much less concerned about eating.
    – Ability to focus – much improved. I found reading the news, to concentrating at work much easier. One negative is that I felt a little more serious than usual (I typically like to joke around a lot). I also am working on two business ventures, I was kicking the can down the road on one of them because of a cross-country move to the west coast…that project is now progressing very well. I’d attribute some of my improved productivity to the stack.
    – Energy levels all up – absolutely no jitters which I am very impressed with. I took 3 burners one day to see how it would effect me…the result was more energy…so I decided to get another workout in. I’ve done this in the past with pro-oxy elite and other burners and it would make me bounce off the walls. I’d also note, that I’ve been taking the stack at 4:30am when I wake up. By 5:00am, right before I do my 3 mile run around lake outside my apt, I feel pretty f’n good. I’ve started mixing in a few sprints during the jogs.

    I’ll give a more comprehensive overview next week. But overall, I am quite impressed.

    Hope the info was helpful.



    This information is super helpful for so many people out there! Keep up the great work Edward.


    Update 2 (and last update) – I didn’t post an update last week to avoid being redundant. 1-month is not necessary for me to come up with a definitive opinion on the stack. I can safely say after three weeks of taking PCT, Focus, and Burner, that they are the real deal. I actually ran out of focus (I recommend you buy two bottles at a time if you plan on using daily) after two weeks, which actually allowed me to confirm Focus and Burner do two very different things.

    Burner on its own:
    – Very high energy and turned my intensity up in the gym to an extremely high level. I’d finish super-sets, then hit a drop-set, and another..and so-on. I felt the effects (high energy) for about 4-6 hours.
    – Improves focus a little bit, but I felt more upbeat and active as opposed to wanting to dial-in on something although it did help in this way to a lesser extent as well.
    – In terms of appetite suppression, if I took it at 4:30am, I usually could not eat until 1-5pm, normally I can make it to 11:30am before eating.

    – Serious improvement in focus. The ability to sit through tasks to completion was substantially improved. Only negative is they do make you want to get down to work. I wouldn’t say anti-social feelings, but I became pretty intensely focused on getting done what I set out to get done. I’d say I felt the effects for about 8-10 hours.

    – I feel great on all three. Could that be PCT, or maybe just the Burner and Focus…I do not know. With that said, I plan on using all 3 going forward.

    Added note: I took a day off of Burner yesterday, and used a leftover fat burner from another company. I actually threw out the bottle after about 4 hours of being on it (shakes, sweating, crappy workout, heart thumping). I do not remember the name of the brand (UK import)…but I’ve had similar experiences on Performix SST and SuperHD and a number of others. It actually ruined my day….so I’d like to recommend, do not waste your money on garbage going forward. By far the best fat-burner I’ve ever taken is Burner. My last note is speculative, but I get the feeling that the maker of these supplements had the intent of using them themselves as a opposed to some guys in a lab mixing together a bunch of crap because of ‘research’.

    Of course this is just one man’s experience, but I’d recommend to my friends.

    Hope this has been helpful!



    Thank you for sharing your experience Eddie, this is great and will help a lot of people out there!

    As per your last note, yes, we only make supplements here at Red Supplements that actually work and that we would use ourselves.

    Keep up the good work!

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