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    Derek @ RED

    Did you know that you can use post cycle therapy (PCT) supplements all by themselves for boosting testosterone?

    Normally, PCT supplements are used to bring hormone levels back to normal after a performance enhancement cycle.

    But since there are so many benefits to what’s in our RED-PCT blend, we wanted you to know that you can use it completely on its own to boost your testosterone levels (even if you’re not coming off a performance enhancement cycle). Check out the article linked below:




    How many time a year can you use RED-PCT? If you take it for 4 weeks how long should you be off before starting again?


    Derek @ RED

    Red-PCT is a suicidal aromatase inhibitor which means that you can start to become more sensitive to it’s estrogen inhibiting effects. Example: When starting out, to get your E in range you might need 3 pills, then as time goes on you will need less of it to keep your Estrogen in range (because once it’s in range, taking 3 caps continuously will eventually drop you below the sweet spot).

    So to mitigate this and stay in the sweet spot, you will have to drop your dose slightly, but that is where the issue arises that using less than 3 caps per day will not provide the same testosterone boosting effects we use RED-PCT for in the first place.

    Basically, it is great as a cyclical TRT product, but you WILL have to cycle off it every couple months in my opinion to avoid crashing your Estrogen levels below the sweet spot (which is just as bad as having it too high). While you are “off” and “recovering” you may want to use something like D-aspartic acid, Zinc, Tribulus, and other natural testosterone boosting ingredients before you jump back on it.

    Red-PCT does need to be cycled. Not necessarily even time on = even time off as it will be individually dependent on how your body aromatizes estrogen, but you need some sort of off time between Red-PCT blasts.

    Maybe for every 2 bottles dosing it 3 caps ED (60 day cycle), you will probably need a few weeks to a month off (educated guess, this all depends on you).

    It isn’t something you can stay on for 30 years straight without having low Estrogen levels.



    How will you know when your estrogen levels are too low (and it's time to taper back)?


    Derek @ RED

    If you get symptoms of low estrogen or if you get bloodwork done.

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