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    Derek @ RED

    Having a quality whey protein on hand is probably the most rudimentary and basic necessity of any athlete, bodybuilder, or general gym goer.

    You need something that you can eat quickly, and will digest very rapidly and immediately start tackling muscle protein breakdown after your workouts. Whey is the best protein choice for this.

    At such a critical point of muscular catabolism like post-workout, there is no protein substitute that can perform a better job at recovery than whey protein.

    Whey protein will help improve your physique and physical performance no matter whether you are bulking, cutting, a runner, a soccer player, a bodybuilder, whatever. It is arguably the one supplement you should ALWAYS have on hand.

    If you don’t already have whey protein on hand or you have almost finished the tub you have, look no further than Red Supplement’s newest release for fulfilling your future protein needs.

    Read more about it in the article linked below:




    Is this hydrolyzed or can you explain the benefits of hydrolyzed vs. this kind? I used to use a Hydrolyzed Pharmaceutical grade, which absorbed quickly and I loved it, but it was discontinued. Now all the hydrolyzed ones are loaded with sucralose and things I don't want.


    Derek @ RED

    This is Whey concentrate. The 3 types you want to know about are concentrate, isolate, and hydrolyzed.

    The main difference is that isolates are more pure than concentrates, meaning other non-protein components have been partially removed to “isolate” the whey protein. Many concentrates are 80% protein, which means on a dry basis, 80% of the total weight is protein. As an example, 100g of whey concentrate contains about 400 calories, 82g of protein along with about 9g of carbohydrates (about half is lactose), 6g of fat and 150 mg of cholesterol.

    Most whey concentrates and isolates are available as intact proteins, but either can be also hydrolyzed. Hydrolysates have been partially broken down by exposing the protein to heat, acid or enzymes that break apart the bonds linking amino acids. This makes it taste more bitter, but also allows it to absorb more rapidly than a concentrate or isolate. Concentrates and isolates are already fast-digesting, so a hydrolysate, which digests minimally faster, may not be worth the taste tradeoff and extra cost for the small benefit.

    Whey protein in any of its forms has an excellent digestibility and amino acid profile. Since isolates and hydrolyzed proteins are more expensive, most whey supplement makers add very little of them to their formulas, if any.

    As long as you don’t mind the few extra grams of carbohydrates and fat, and you’re not lactose intolerant, whey concentrates are the most economical choice and are clearly the best selling form of whey protein on the market.

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