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    Hello Red Supplements,

    Will Red be expanding their coffee line into the K-Cups? I own a Keurig brewer and I was wondering if I will ever be able to brew my Red coffee from the convenience of that brewer.

    For those who also have a Keurig brewer and are wondering how they can drink RED Coffee, I have a band-aid solution.

    How To Brew Red Coffee in Keurig:

    (image removed. non-HTTPS source)

    Purchase one of those.

    Those things are straight forward, I usually fill it with around 6 grams of Red coffee. (Or any coffee for that matter) That’s usually half of a standard protein powder scoop.

    You don’t compromise taste, it’s absolutely fantastic.

    You will have to wash it from time to time, but washing it after every use is not necessary nor is it convenient. You simply shake out the old coffee into the trash or the sink. Use the blunt end of a knife to tap the K cup and all the old coffee will fall out.

    There is no need to use soap on the device, just rinse and dry with a paper towel.


    The link is below, although the test for some reason comes out completely white.

    K-Cup Example

    The picture was not working so I’ve posted a link to something similar to what I own. That is not exactly the cup that I own nor am I recommending that exact product. It’s simply to illustrate the type of device that I use, I do not know if that brand is reliable.

    Derek @ RED

    Hey bro, just talked to the owner.

    It doesn’t look like there is going to be any k cups, our coffee line will be the same three for the foreseeable future.

    Derek @ RED

    Thank you for this informative post though it’s much appreciated. I’m sure other Red Coffee customers will definitely find it very helpful.

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