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    I am currently taking the Red Beast and the PCT 2.0. I have been taking these for about 2 weeks now. I ordered the Red Growth and it just arrived. Should I stop taking the others and start with the Red Growth or what would be the best approach?


    Finish your 4 weeks of Red Beast & Red-PCT 2.0 then start your 30-day cycle of Red Growth afterwards.


    I will be finishing my four-week stint of Red PCT 2.0.
    I have ordered the combo of Red Beast and Red PCT 2.0 for another 8-week stint with the intention of using as follows:
    1 Red Beast (morning – noon – night = total 3/day) and 1 Red PCT 2.0 (night = total 1/day) for 8 weeks then 1 Red PCT (morning – noon – night) = 3/day) for 4 weeks.
    I saw on one of your post to take Red PCT 3 times per day and Red Beast 4 times per day…
    My question is – should I change my intake to as follows (I work out in the mornings):
    2 Red Beast morning + 1 PCT
    1 Red Beast noon + 1 PCT
    1 Red Beast night = 1 PCT
    Or just stay with the intake I was doing previously?

    Thank you,


    Hi Lynn,

    As long as you are taking the 4 capsules of Red Beast per day & 3 capsules of Red-PCT 2.0 per day you are good-to-go. Since they are all natural supplements you can follow these programs for 8-12 weeks straight without any breaks, depending on how you feel.

    Alternatively, you can test out to see what schedule works best for you and what makes you feel the best, however it really is up to you how you would like to dose them.

    For example,
    2 Red Beast morning + 1 PCT
    1 Red Beast noon + 1 PCT
    1 Red Beast night + 1 PCT

    Is a good schedule to follow.

    However, some others like to take them all at once instead of spreading them out through the day, in which case this example:

    4 Red Beast in the morning + 3 Red-PCT 2.0's at night per day.

    Is an effective method to follow as well.

    Since you just finished 1 month of Red-PCT 2.0 you could also simply do:

    4 capsules of Red Beast per day + 1 capsule of Red-PCT 2.0 per day for 4 weeks straight. Followed by 3 capsules of Red-PCT 2.0 for 3 weeks straight.

    To summarize there's really 2 options we would recommend for your next 8 weeks:

    Option 1) Take Red Beast (4 capsules) + Red-PCT 2.0 (3 capsules) each day for the next 8 weeks
    Option 2) Take Red beast (4 capsules) + Red-PCT 2.0 (1 capsule) each day for the next 4 weeks, followed by Red-PCT 2.0 (3 capsules) for 3 weeks.

    At the conclusion of these next 7-8 weeks, we'd recommend taking a break from the supplements for 3-4 weeks just so that your body can reset itself so to speak.

    Hope this helps clear up any confusion!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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