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    Derek @ RED

    FAQ Here:

    What is Red Burner?

    Red Burner is the premier fat burning supplement from Red Supplements.

    How does Red Burner work to burn fat?

    The ingredients in Red-Burner have been specifically chosen as they greatly enhance fat oxidation during exercise.

    The caffeine in Red-Burner specifically stimulates the nervous system and increases epinephrine levels in the body which signals the body to break down fat. The green tea and T2 increase resting energy expenditure (or the amount of calories you burn at rest) for several hours post ingestion.

    Read all about T2 here: T2 (3,5-diiodo-L-thyronine) – The Best Legal Thyroid Supplement On Earth

    Coupled with the other potent ingredients in Red-Burner, as well as proper nutrition and a well-rounded fitness program, you can easily shed a huge amount of unwanted fat and greatly improve your body composition.

    By improving your body’s nutrient partitioning abilities, oxidizing a greater amount of fat, increasing how many calories your body burns, as well as greatly enhancing your energy levels which will equate to stronger exercise sessions, Red-Burner’s ingredients work synergistically to maximize your fat loss.

    Should I take Red Burner before cardio?

    To really kick your metabolism in gear you should take Red-Burner first thing upon waking, and again 30 minutes before your cardio session. This will drastically increase the thermogenic effects of your cardio session from the caffeine and green tea ingredients, thus increasing how much fat your body will burn.

    Research has shown that those who took green tea and caffeine before cardiovascular training had far greater fat-burning effects than those who took a placebo.

    The combination of caffeine will assist fat mobilization and reduce post-workout soreness and muscle pain, leading to longer more focused and intense workout sessions with enhanced body fat burning levels.

    Will taking Red Burner give me the energy to workout if I’m sleep deprived?

    Yes it will, however, sleep is still a necessity as sleep deprivation will eventually lead to increases in cortisol and decreased testosterone, which will negatively affect your progress by inhibiting muscle gains and fat loss.

    Although Red-Burner will give you the energy to train in a sleep deprived state, don’t make a habit of it.

    If you find Red-Burner is hindering your ability to fall asleep, don’t take any of your doses after 6 p.m.

    Are there any special precautions I should take while on Red-Burner?

    Since Red-Burner will elevate your metabolism, you may find that you sweat a little bit more when taking it. The caffeine content also exerts a diuretic effect on the body, which will increase your bodies need for adequate hydration as you will expel water retention faster and easier.

    To prevent yourself from getting dehydrated, drink at least 3-4 litres of water per day while taking Red-Burner. This will not only keep you hydrated, but adequate hydration will actually help increase your metabolism and further enhance your fat loss

    Does timing matter when I take Red Burner each day?

    It isn’t hugely detrimental to your results by any means when you take your dose each day; however, there are a few recommendations we have to maximize the fat burning potential of Red-Burner.

    We recommend ideally taking your doses before physical activity (if you’re exercising or doing cardio that day) to maximize fat burning potential, and to not take a dose after 6 p.m. if you typically have issues falling asleep after taking stimulant based products.

    While Red-Burner certainly isn’t stimulant dense, the caffeine content may impede your ability to fall asleep if you take it too late into the night.

    Also, as keeping a calorie-reduced clean diet is imperative for fat loss, we suggest taking advantage of the appetite suppressing capabilities of Red-Burner by taking it prior to breakfast and lunch. This will ensure you reach satiety easier, which will prevent you from overeating or getting crazy food cravings.

    If you have trouble sticking to a strict diet and not cheating, then we highly recommend the dosing strategy of dosing it before meals.

    Can we exceed the recommended dose? I know it isn’t recommended but I am a stim junkie and am pretty resistant to caffeine, ephedrine, etc.

    While we don’t “recommend” exceeding the recommended dose, you can definitely get away with bumping it past there if you don’t make a habit of it in my opinion.

    As this supplement isn’t super stimulant dense (we designed it that way on purpose), if you are looking for heavy stimulant-like effects from it and you already have a tolerance built up with down-regulated beta-2 receptors, you will probably have to bump up past the recommended dose to really feel it kick in.

    Red Burner Directions

    Can I use Red-Burner Indefinitely? Do I need to cycle it?

    Although Red-Burner’s ingredient profile certainly isn’t stimulant dense, the body will become desensitized to some ingredients over time in the product. We advise that you cycle off for a couple weeks once you notice you aren’t feeling the same “kick” from the recommended dose.

    Your body’s beta-2 receptors may become down-regulated from continuous daily consumption of caffeine anhydrous, and if this is to occur (you don’t feel the same kick from the product anymore), then you will need 2 weeks to up-regulate your receptors.

    Typically, a 6 week on, 2 week off, cycling method should suffice to keep your body reacting properly to all the ingredients with no desensitization.

    Will Red Burner let me cheat on my diet more and still get lean?

    Technically, yes, however, this product is exactly what you referred to it as a “supplement.” Meaning it is used to supplement, or enhance your current regimen.

    It is by no means a replacement for hard work or a miracle pill for the lazy.

    The bottom line with Red-Burner is that it will allow you to get leaner, easier, while holding onto more muscle.

    How do I know what my ideal dose of Red-Burner is for me specifically?

    Current recommendations state that for performance benefits, trained individuals should consume 1-2 mg of caffeine anhydrous per pound of body weight 30-60 minutes prior to exercise, never exceeding more than 400 mg per day (4 Red-Burner Pills).

    Obviously this will be individual specific though as it is just a general guideline. As such, we recommend you start on the lower end (1 pill), and assess how you feel and how your body reacts, and then adjust your dosage from that reference point.

    Does Red Burner work better the more pills you take per day?

    Red-Burner is designed to provide the proper doses of a variety of ingredients supporting fat loss in a very accurately measured manner. That doesn’t mean that the more Red-Burner pills you take, the more fat loss you will achieve.

    Red Supplements states the serving guidelines on the nutrition label on purpose so you can have a way of measuring what dose works for you individually. Exceeding the recommended dose by no means will guarantee increased results, and you may simply be putting yourself in a vulnerable position to potential side effects.

    Start with our recommended dose, and then assess from there whether you need more or not. If you take 2 pills for example and get intense caffeine jitters and are extremely on edge, it should be a clear as day indication that you shouldn’t be increasing the amount of pills you take each day as that would only encourage side effects.

    I drink coffee on a regular basis; will this affect how many Red-Burner pills I can take?

    Good question. If you can’t function on a daily basis without your morning cup of coffee (or 3-4) then you need to be careful about how you dose Red-Burner. Red-Burner contains enough caffeine to equate to about 1 cup of coffee per pill (100 mg/pill).

    You will want to take this into consideration when you choose your daily dose. While you may love the benefits and blatant energizing effects you will experience from such a high daily caffeine intake, mixing a high coffee intake with a high Red-Burner intake will likely eventually lead to your body burning out. The onset of fatigue could actually be expedited by being so heavily dependent on stimulants for your energy.

    We suggest you lower your coffee intake daily or switch to decaffeinated coffee to accommodate your Red-Burner daily dosage of choice.

    If I want to take Red Burner at night time will it keep me from falling asleep?

    It is impossible to guarantee if it will keep you awake or not, but as a general rule of thumb, if you are sensitive to caffeine we recommend you allocate your Red-Burner doses to times before 6 p.m. each day to prevent the chance of caffeine induced insomnia.

    How much caffeine is per pill?

    Red Burner has 100mg of caffeine per capsule – about as much as a cup of coffee. Make adjustments in your normal caffeine intake accordingly.


    Since thyroid function will be increased from Red-Burner, do I need any SARMs or extra BCAA’s to maintain muscle mass?

    Extra BCAAs/SARM is entirely dependent on your goals and your diet. Regarding your thyroid functioning at a higher level, Red-Burner will speed up your metabolism, but certainly not to a point where you would need to worry about being catabolic from being thrown into a state of hyperthyroidism.

    SARMs and BCAA’s will definitely help you hold onto more muscle tissue than you would otherwise at a calorie deficit, but they are by no means 100% necessary to use.

    I tend to stay away from pre-workout supplements because I get a bad energy crash after taking them. Would the same thing happen with this fat-burner?

    We hate that crash too trust me us, we know exactly what you’re talking about. No, this supplement absolutely WON’T cause that ruthless crash you would get from intense stimulant dense products.

    The whole premise and goal behind this fat burner was to come up with an ingredient profile that would give you energy, elevate your mood, and enhance fat burning WITHOUT the intense edgy jitters and brutal crash that traditional stimulant dense pre-workouts would give you.

    We accomplished just that, and it can even be used on non-training days without feeling like you want to run through a wall.

    How does Red-Burner compare to Lipodrene and Ephedrine?

    While the fat burning, appetite suppressing, increased physical performance and enhanced mental focus effects are close in contrast with lipodrene and ephedrine, Red-Burner is less explosive in the energy it provides.

    It’s less jittery, there’s less crash, and the energy it gives you is more of a sustained moderate energy with a smoother exit out of your system, whereas Lipodrene and Ephedrine are notorious for being heavy hitters going in and going out of the system energy wise.

    One of the other great things about Red-Burner is that there is no runny nose side effect like Lipodrene has!

    Is it safe to pull the capsules open and mix in a drink? I have trouble swallowing pills sometimes.

    Yes, you can definitely pull the pills open and ingest the contents if you have issues swallowing pills.

    It would make no difference on how the product works, it would simply get absorbed a bit faster as your body wouldn’t have to spend time breaking down the capsules via digestion.

    What are the mood enhancing qualities and what exactly is the chemistry on the mood enhancing substances in this fat burner?

    Red-Burner contains an ingredient called “β-phenylethylamine.” This is a compound that is found in the brain and has been shown to have a direct influence on mood, energy, and focus.

    It is an alkaloid and monoamine compound that is usually found in chocolate that provides an energy boost, improves focus, aids in weight loss, increases brain activity (which in turn improves the mood).

    It affects the mood by influencing the brain’s chemical makeup and inducing feelings that resemble passion and love.

    It also changes dopamine levels, which in turn releases hormones that improve mood and increase heart rate. This is also an ingredient used in pharmacology, particularly as an anti-depressant or stimulant.

    Loving the Red Burner I got, however, as a stim-junkie, 2 pills is not enough. I had 3 this morning and honestly wouldn’t mind having one more this afternoon, but want to make sure it’s not going to do any damage with such a high dose?

    No, the ingredients in Red-Burner are very safe and it is extremely unlikely you will encounter any health issues if you exceed the recommended dose; however, it is the recommended dose for a reason.

    We suggest you re-sensitize yourself to caffeine by taking a break from stimulant based products to up-regulate your beta-2 receptors.

    If that is not an option though and you wish to exceed the recommended dose, I’m sure you will be fine with taking 3-4 pills once in a while.

    Does Red-Burner need to be taken on an empty stomach?

    No, however, it will definitely give you a bigger “kick” if you take it empty stomach which is what we prefer. All pre-workout energy increasing supplements work better if taken on an empty stomach.

    If you have any questions or are feeling ambiguous about certain things from this article please leave a comment below.

    Where can I buy Red-Burner?



    How many mcg’s of T2 are in it?

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