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    The FAQ says to cycle Red PCT with Red Growth and after Red Growth. But, Red PCT also cycles. How do you cycle during and after? Two weeks Red Growth, then start Red PCT with two weeks overlap, then two weeks of just Red PCT?



    I think that I can help clear up the confusion.

    Red-PCT and Red Growth both need to be cycled.

    Individually, the recommended cycle period is 4 weeks on followed by 4 weeks off.

    When you stack them, and begin taking them together, it changes a bit.

    OPTION 1:
    4 weeks on of Red Growth @ 1 – 3 caps per day. Followed by 4 weeks on of Red-PCT @ 3 caps per day.

    Option 2:
    4 weeks on of Red Growth @ 1 – 3 caps per day + 4 weeks on of Red-PCT @ 1 cap per day. Followed by 3 – 4 weeks on of Red-PCT @ 3 caps per day.

    I hope this helps clear up the confusion.


    I am going to start the Red growth and use the Red pct after. My question is will I lose any gains I get from bodybuilding after this cycle and my 30 day off cycle. thanks



    Great! No, you should not lose your gains from your cycle of Red Growth as long as you follow these three steps:

    1. Run a full cycle of Red-PCT beginning the day after you finish taking Red Growth
    2. Continue lifting heavy
    3. Continue following a diet that promotes mass gain or at least has enough macros/calories that it will maintain your current mass.

    Red-PCT was actually specifically designed to be used as a post cycle treatment to help you keep your gains following an anabolic mass gaining cycle. (It's in the name). After developing it for that purpose we realized that it was also fantastic to use as a standalone testosterone booster as well.


    OK thanks for the info it makes it a big help to know what to expect!



    Glad to help. How did your cycles turn out?


    Just started the cycle with 1 cap Red Growth a day for first week now to 2 a day for a week then to 3 a day for the balance of the bottle, after on to Red PCT 3 a day for 30 days. I will post how it turns out. Sunday: Chest, Tris / Monday: Legs / Tuesday: Back, Bi's / Wednesday: Off/ Thursday: Chest, Tri's / Friday: Legs / Saturday: Back, Bi's / Combination of bodyweight exercises: Chin's , ab's , pushup's and free weights. 3 sets of 6-12 reps each exercise.



    I'm not understanding. It will be a week April 20, 2018 and I have gained weight. What gives, how can I have gained weight? Also I don't feel any different than before.



    Red Growth is what I started but forgot to mention what product. Also I eat clean, a gallon of water a day. So is this how this stuff works?




    Great. Your workout routine is on point and maximized for muscle growth & hypertrophy. I'm looking forward to hearing about your progress. Make sure that you're eating well enough to grow and you should be good. Let me know if you have any other questions.




    Seeing weight gain in week 1 is a good sign, that means that you're growing. You still have 3 more weeks to go, be patient and keep working hard, you'll see results. You're supposed to gain weight, you're trying to grow muscle here.

    I have a few questions for you.

    1. How much Red Growth are you taking per day? (1-3 capsules)
    2. When are you taking Red Growth?
    3. What does your current training program look like?
    4. What does your current diet look like?
    5. What is your weight, height, and body fat %?
    6. Have you noticed any strength increases? Either more reps @ the same weight or the ability to lift heavier weights from before you started Red Growth?

    Let's work together on optimizing your training program, but to do that I need some more info from you.

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