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    Derek @ RED


    Q: Why Would I Need Red-PCT?

    A: Red-PCT is a necessity to use after a SARM cycle to ensure that your testosterone and estrogen levels have returned to homeostasis in a timely manner to off-set potential catabolism and other unwanted side effects of hormonal imbalance.

    Q: Can I Use Red-PCT By Itself Not As A PCT Supplement?

    A: Yes, Red-PCT can also be used as a powerful standalone natural testosterone booster.

    Q: What Can I Expect From Red-PCT After A SARM cycle?

    A: You can expect your hormonal recovery (if you experienced suppression on cycle) to occur at a MUCH faster rate, allowing you to ultimately keep much more of your SARM cycle gains.

    Q: What Can I Expect From Red-PCT As A Standalone Supplement?

    A: You can expect significant improvement of your free testosterone levels, leading to more energy, better sense of well-being and overall mood, improved muscular recovery and strength, and enhanced levels of fat loss.

    Q: How Much Can Red-PCT Actually Increase Natural Testosterone Levels?

    A: We recently had blood work done to see just how effective Red-PCT actually is as a natural testosterone booster, and the results were nothing short of incredible.

    The subject had his blood drawn prior to starting Red-PCT, and 15 days after starting Red-PCT, and his free testosterone levels had almost doubled in just 2 short weeks. Checkout the results for yourself in our Red-PCT blood work proof article here.

    Q: Are There Any Side Effects?

    A: There are no known negative side effects from Red-PCT

    Q: What Is The Recommended Dose?

    A: During a PCT phase or if you are using Red-PCT as a standalone testosterone booster, take 3 capsules per day, spread out throughout the day. If you are using Red-PCT to mitigate testosterone suppression or estrogenic side effects on cycle, take 1 capsule of Red-PCT per day.

    Q: Should I Cycle Red-PCT If I Use It As A Standalone Supplement?

    A: Yes you should cycle off it every 30 days for a couple weeks.

    Q: Does Red-PCT Work For Recovery After Other SARM Cycles Besides Just Ostarine?

    A: Yes, Red-PCT can be used as your PCT supplement of choice for each and every SARM cycle, no matter what type of SARM you used during your cycle.

    Q: Is Red-PCT Necessary To Take After Every SARM Cycle?

    A: Yes. If you want to be safe that is. It isn’t “mandatory” by any means, but I definitely recommend it and think it’s the smart approach to your SARM cycle to run a PCT phase each and every time even if you didn’t experience suppression on cycle. Better safe than sorry should be the motto you take each time you cycle SARMs.

    Q: How Does Red-PCT Differ From Traditional Prescription PCT Drugs Used For Steroid Cycles?

    A: It isn’t as potent, and it is legal. For example, if you take too much Arimidex (prescription aromatase inhibitor), you will crash your estrogen levels far too low and feel like shit. Having crashed estrogen levels is just as bad as having out of range too high estrogen levels.

    The side effects are similar, and they are very unpleasant to say the least. Red-PCT is a lot milder and it is VERY difficult to screw up the dosing. It brings your hormones into a healthy range and isn’t nearly as sensitive as prescription drugs are in regards to being able to screw up your hormones even more.

    With prescription drugs you need to be a lot more on the ball about knowing how your body reacts to even the slightest minuscule incremental increases or decreases in dosing, because the drugs are that powerful.

    Q: I Am More Looking To Use Red-PCT For The Sense Of Well-Being It Supposedly Brings. Can Non-Athletes Take This Too And Benefit From It?

    A: Yes definitely. Everyone can benefit from higher free-testosterone levels, and taking Red-PCT purely for the improvement in life quality that it can provide is definitely a good idea even if you aren’t an athlete looking for physique improvements or athletic enhancement.

    Q: What Other Supplements Should I Take With Red-PCT?

    A: Red-PCT is essentially a turnkey all in one supplement with ingredients that synergistically work with one another, so adding in separate ones isn’t really necessary. You could add some D-Aspartic Acid for some additional testosterone boosting properties but it is by no means mandatory.

    Q: Can I Use Red-PCT Together With Osta-Red And Red-Burner Or Is That Overkill?

    A: It is actually recommended that you use 1 capsule of Red-PCT alongside Osta-Red to keep any possible suppression side effects from occurring, so it is definitely not “overkill.”

    Q: If I Want To Exceed The Recommended Dose Is That Safe?

    A: While there aren’t any ingredients that are inherently dangerous, it is advised that you don’t exceed 4 capsules total on any given day of dosing Red-PCT.

    Going past 4 capsules per day introduces too much Arimistane into your system (the aromatase inhibitor ingredient in Red-PCT) and could lead to low-estrogen side effects.

    Q: How Long After Using Red-PCT Can I Start Another SARM cycle?

    A: It is recommended that after completing your Red-PCT “PCT” phase post-cycle, you wait the same number of weeks you were on cycle for before you start a new SARM cycle.

    Q: Would you take the Red-PCT alongside the Ostarine or wait until after coming off of Osta?

    A: Wait until your last dose of Osta-Red is taken, then start the PCT immediately the day after.

    However, if you are noticing estrogenic side effects during your Osta-Red cycle (testicle shrinkage, libido suppression, erectile dysfunction, etc.) then you would benefit to use the RED-PCT DURING your cycle as well alongside the Osta. It will help offset the estrogen side effects if you are prone to them

    Q: I can barely understand what the active ingredients are in the Red-PCT, can you put it in simpler terms for me so I understand?

    A: The main ingredient that you need to understand in the RED-PCT is the Androst 3, 5-diene-7, 17-dione (ADD/Arimistane). Just like the drug Exemestane (Aromasin), Arimistane is actually a suicide aromatase inhibitor (AI), meaning it will permanently bind to the Aromatase enzyme and prevent any estrogen rebound.

    Arimistane reduces cortisol levels, raises leutinizing hormone and increases the body’s testosterone levels. Arimistane not only inhibits estrogen, it also prevents this hormone from rebounding after cycle.

    This is important to have for your cycle because if you encounter estrogen side effects on cycle, then you will be ready to combat them right away with RED-PCT for the remaining duration of your Osta cycle to prevent suppression related side effects. It will also be very effective at boosting your testosterone levels post-cycle to ensure you recover as fast as possible and keep all of your Osta-Red gains.

    Q: Where Can I Buy Red-PCT?




    Two questions:
    1. I have been on doctor supervised TRT for about 8 months. Prior to starting bi-weekly injections, my t-count was about 550. After several dosage adjustments, my t level is now about 1100. The doctor also prescribed Anastrozole (1/2 MG 3 times a week) to reduce the rise in estrogen. My problem with Anastrozole is that it gave me insomnia. Now no longer taking it, I've used Red-PCT as a replacement. When using it for this purpose, do you still recommend a 30 day break after a couple of months or can this be taken on a constant basis?

    2. Have you heard of guys achieving my Kind of Test increase by taking the Red PCT alone, without dosing with Test? I'm thinking of considering an alternative (increased dose of Red – PCT) instead of test injections to boost my T count as a result of natural body functioning and not as a replacement/shutdown of my body's normal processes. (yes, I tried Clomid, but experienced negative side effects). I don't have any problem giving myself the injections and the cost isn't an issue, but I'm experiencing accelerated hair loss, and may have reached the limit of what I can do in the gym (I'm talking about gaining muscle mass) due to arthritic shoulders and constant tendon injury as I try to increase the amount of weight I lift. To counter the hair loss, I'm taking 200 mg of DIM daily along with a hand full of other supplements to counter the effects of DHT. In short, it isn't working. BTW, I'm 65, 6 ft. 2 in, 195 lbs and workout five times a week.
    Any thoughts?


    Derek @ RED

    This question seems familiar… Have we spoke over email before about this already?

    1. No, if you are trying to keep your estrogen in range, you need to have an AI constantly in your system to keep your Estrogen in range, otherwise if you take a 30 day break, during those 30 days your E levels will get too high (if you actually get high estrogen from a low dose of test). Have you actually had your estrogen levels checked? Or does your doctor just assume they will be out of range and has you using the arimidex anyways? Dosing an AI should be based on necessity, not on some random dosing schedule determined by intuition and guessing games.

    2. No, you can't get the same Test levels you are with TRT injections with over the counter test-booster supplements. If your test is high, it's high, getting it high with exogenous test vs. cranking it up naturally isn't going to make a difference on your hair loss or your gym progress, as you will have the same amount of test in your body (assuming that you could actually get your natural levels up high enough to match TRT shots, which is likely near impossible unless your TRT dose is very low). Yes, DIM is meant to keep your estrogen levels in check, and usually women use it. Over the counter “workout supps” aren't going to help your hair loss you would need products specifically created for killing DHT (the best ones are prescription only, like finasteride).

    If you have more questions about hair loss prevention and TRT, email me at [email protected] or @redsupplements.com">derek@redsupplements.com as we will totally derail this thread if we start ranting about hair loss preventative measures.




    Thanks much for your input. Yeah, my estrogen level did rise in conjunction with my increase in test. And since I could no longer take the prescription AL, the doctor wanted me to reduce my test level from 1100 to the 750-800 range, which in my opinion, reduced if not eliminated most of the benefits I was receiving from TRT. I'll be receiving my latest blood work within a couple of days, and will be able to see how effective the RED – PCT has been in bringing the estrogen down. Thanks again.



    Is Red Pct ok to take for teenagers if you take only one pill a day. I am wondering if it will stunt my growth and affect my hormone levels once I'm done taking it. I am currently 15 years old and am highly into training. I would like to use it as a test booster. I don't take anything but creatine once a week.



    Yo Derek so I've been on TRT for about 2 1/2 months, and I was taking 200mg a week, and got my blood work back. TT: >1500 (max for normal is 1200 FT: 63.2(max for normal is 21.5) Estroidal sensitive assay: 55 (this is the problem as high normal is 35). So I'm feeling great body still looks great, but strength is lagging probably due to the high E. one can I take RED PCT as an AI, and how should I take it to lower my E back into the sweet spot based on my numbers. Also I have lowered my dose of test to 150mg a week, and am taking 50mg of zinc daily, as well as boron and magnesium. Thanks for any input Brotha!



    Chiraag, taking Red-PCT will lower your estroidal levels. Taking an AI such as Red-PCT blocks the formation of estradiol, so the extra testosterone in your system won't skyrocket your E as well.

    Since your testosterone levels are on the high side, lowering the dosage to 150mg sounds like a good move. You might want to consider dropping the zinc, boron and magnesium as well.

    It's important to remember that Estrogen is primarily produced by the conversion of testosterone. Our bodies make estrogen by first making testosterone and then using aromatase to convert it to estradiol. So having an excessively high Testosterone count will lead to the production of more Estradiol in your body. By lowering your testosterone dosage, it should have a complimentary effect on lowering your estroidal as well.

    Lowering the Test dosage + taking Red-PCT should bring your estroidal levels back to their sweet spot. But make sure to get regular blood tests (2 weeks – 1 month) to make sure that you are on the right path while you are working on fine-tuning your hormone levels.



    Would Red PCT be sufficient after a 4 week cycle on 1-andro (hi tech pharmaceuticals 1-ad 150mg per day on 1-andro)?



    Yes, Red-PCT would be a sufficient supplement to use for your PCT cycle after using 1-andro.

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