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    I just received my 2 bottles of RED PCT that I've ordered and tomorrow morning (September 22nd) I will start taking the pills as a standalone product.

    I have started going back to the gym after years and years of being lazy and now I want to improve my body and gain some muscles/define myself but I'm not into being super muscled or anything like that.

    I'm slim so If I'll keep working out regularly and I'll take these pills I think I will have some sort of results. I'm also taking some protein powder before and after training.

    My question is: If I start a cycle of 30 days (3 pills a day) then I take 2 weeks of break and do another cycle of 30 days (3 pills a day), how many times can I actually go on and off the pills without risking too much? Is it recommended to take these supplements not more than 8 weeks or If I take a break in between the cycles I can take them for as long as I want?

    I'm very new to this world so I need a good advice.

    Thank you very much!



    Derek @ RED

    You're not risking anything. The worst case scenario is your estrogen levels get inhibited a bit too much and then you just need to back off the dosage or take a break and let your estrogen levels creep back up a bit again.

    30 days on, 2 weeks off, 30 days on again as you described should be fine.



    Thank you for your help! I just want to be clear about something: for how long can I actually keep taking these pills? Should I stop after the first 2 cycles or can I keep doing it for as long as I want?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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