8 ounces of Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, ground, and vacuum sealed for freshness. Delicious, premium coffee.

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Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee

Gold never gets old.

That’s exactly what you will be saying after your first cup of RED Supplements GOLD Coffee.

Our GOLD Coffee comes from one of the best varieties in the world: the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

Just ask any coffee connoisseur you know…they will be familiar with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

RED Supplements sources our coffee from family owned farms organized around the Biloya Cooperative located in the village of Biloya in the southern district of Kochore, Ethiopia.

The family farms grow the coffee at altitudes of 1,800 feet (1,600 meters) to 2,700 feet (2,500 meters). Once harvested, the heirloom beans are dried on raised beds.

Ethiopia Biloya Cooperative

The Biloya Cooperative was established in 1976 and currently has 2,080 members. In 2002, the cooperative joined the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU), an umbrella organization also established in 2002 to support a sustainable coffee supply from cooperatives in the Gedeo ethnic region of Ethiopia.

Drinking coffee and contributing to a good cause at the same? Now, that’s multi-tasking.

You will be glad to know that not only is GOLD Coffee organic, but it’s also fair trade certified.

The Biloya cooperative, in collaboration with the YCFCU, has built schools and placed an importance on investing in education. The organizations have also collaborated on infrastructure projects in the region, bringing electricity to small communities and building bridges to make transportation safer and easier.

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