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Save $30 and Build Muscle Faster Than Ever Before With The Red Monster Gains Stack!

Each Monster Gains Stack Contains:

1 Tub of Red Lion (Normally $49.99)
1 Bottle of Red Beast (Normally $49.99)
1 Bottle of Red-PCT 2.0 (Normally $49.99)

You Receive $150 in value for only $119.99!

Save $30 and Maximize Your Gains With The Red Monster Gains Stack!

Each Red Monster Gains Stack contains:

  • 1x Tub of Red Lion (30 servings) Normally Priced: $49.99
  • 1x Bottle of Red Beast (120 capsules) Normally Priced: $49.99
  • 1x Bottle of Red-PCT 2.0 (90 capsules) Normally Priced: $49.99

Normal Price: $149.97 || DISCOUNT PRICE: $119.99 (20% OFF!)

Are You Trying To Gain Muscle? We Created This For You!

One of the biggest complaints we hear is about how hard it is to gain muscle.

  • What program are you supposed to follow?
  • What food are you supposed to eat?
  • What are you supposed to take?

We don’t blame you for getting confused.

The fitness industry now-a-days is a maze of competing products and advice that tells you a million-billion different things that you need to know or try to build a muscular body.

We’re here to help cut through all of that noise.

Here is the truth about gaining muscle…

If You Want To Gain Muscle Effectively You Need To BOOST YOUR ANABOLIC POTENTIAL.

Anabolism is simply the creation of new cells.

In this case, MUSCLE CELLS.

When your body is more anabolic, you build stronger muscles, faster.

There are 3 primary ways to increase your body’s anabolic potential.

#1 – Go HARD Lifting Weights! (RED LION)

There is only 1 way that you can ensure that you will build bigger & stronger muscles…


If you are trying to grow bigger and stronger muscles then you need to consistently lift bigger and heavier weights.

Resistance training is the name of the game.

Stress against your muscles causes your muscle fibers to rip and multiply—building you new muscle.

But consistently going to the gym and lifting heavier and heavier weights is a tough thing to do.

  • Sometimes it feels like you barely have the energy to go to the gym..
  • Sometimes it feels like you barely have enough juice in you to keep on lifting heavier and heavier weights…
  • Sometimes it feels like your body can’t keep up with the stress you are putting on it…

All of those reasons and more is exactly why we created RED LION.

RED LION is the #1 Pre-Workout Supplement that will get you off your a** and RUNNING into the gym at full-speed!

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, powerful, fully-dosed pre-workout supplement that can help you take your training to the next level then you need not look any more.

Here’s what RED LION can help you with:

  • Boosting Muscular Endurance
  • Improving Blood Flow
  • Increasing Overall Energy
  • Boosting Mental Focus
  • Improving Muscular Strength
  • Boosting Muscle Growth

RED LION helps you go HARD in the gym. It would not be unusual for you to crush your previous PR’s in the gym; lifting heavier, running harder, and performing at peak physical capacity for longer than you thought was possible while on RED LION.

Why? Because…

RED LION is Super F*cking Strong!

#2 – Increase Your Testosterone Levels! (RED BEAST)

There is a reason why men are bigger & stronger than women.

It’s because men have way more natural testosterone than women do.

Your testosterone levels have a DIRECT impact on how muscular you are and how quickly/easily you are able to put on muscle.

More testosterone = More muscle. Less testosterone = less muscle.

It really is as simple as that.

This means if you are trying to actually build muscle, it is VERY IMPORTANT to have naturally high testosterone levels.

Red Beast is the #1 All Natural Testosterone Boosting Supplement That Actually Works!

Red Beast contains the best testosterone boosting ingredients found on God’s green earth to help you maintain high testosterone levels throughout your daily life.

Red Beast works to help:

  • Increase Testosterone
  • Boost Lean Muscle Mass
  • Improve Sense of Well-Being
  • Increase Confidence
  • Boost Motivation
  • Improve Sexuality & Libido

All of the ingredients found in Red Beast are SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to help boost testosterone levels in men and otherwise increase the anabolic potential of your body.

By giving your body everything it needs to produce more testosterone with Red Beast, you are putting yourself on the right path for maximizing your muscular gains.

#3 – Reduce & Control Your Estrogen Levels! (RED-PCT 2.0)

When you are trying to maximize your anabolic potential, it is important to MINIMIZE the amount of estrogen in your body.

Why? Because estrogen is for LADIES.

More importantly, high estrogen slows down muscle growth and increases fat gain!

So you need to lower those estrogen levels, boys.

Not only do you need to lower estrogen levels, you need to control estrogen levels.

In men, the main way that estrogen is produced is by breaking down your free testosterone levels!

This happens via a process called aromatization.

The enzyme aromatase takes extra testosterone that is produced, breaks it down, and turns it into estrogen.


That’s what Red-PCT 2.0 is for.

Red-PCT 2.0 is an all natural Anti-Estrogen supplement that actually works.

There are 7 all natural aromatase inhibiting ingredients in Red-PCT 2.0 proven in scientific studies to help reduce estrogen levels by fighting with the aromatase enzyme inside of your body.

By blocking the amount of aromatase allowed to convert testosterone into estrogen in your body Red-PCT 2.0 helps to:

  1. Decrease the amount of estrogen in your body
  2. Increase the amount of testosterone in your body

By lowering the amount of estrogen in your body and increasing the amount of testosterone in your body you are greatly increasing the anabolic potential in your body.

Red Lion, Red Beast, And Red-PCT 2.0 Are The HOLY TRINITY Of Muscle Building Supplements That Will Have You Building Muscle Faster Than Ever Before!

Now you can get all 3 of these amazing products for only $119.99!

If you want to build bigger muscles faster than ever before, then you need to get the RED MONSTER GAINS STACK!

How To Use The Red Monster Gains Stack:

If you want to maximize your muscle growth and strength building potential with the Red Monster Gains Stack then follow the routine below…

For 30 days you will:

  • Take 3 capsules of Red-PCT 2.0 within 1 hour of waking up in the morning
  • Take 4 capsules of Red Beast 1 hour before going to bed at night
  • Take 1 scoop of Red Lion 15 minutes before going to the gym 5x per week

While you are at the gym you will:

Lift weights following a 5-day body-split routine focusing on 1 or 2 major muscle groups per day.


  • Monday = Chest
  • Tuesday = Back
  • Wednesday = Shoulders
  • Thursday = Legs
  • Friday = Core & Arms

You will progressively overload your muscles.

Every time you go to the gym you should be doing either more weight, more sets, or more reps per exercise than the previous time you did those exercises.


On Chest Day if you bench pressed 135 lbs x 6 reps last Monday, then this Monday you’re going to either do 135 x 10 reps or 145 x 3 reps. Make sense?

  • You follow this method for 30 days and you will become strong.
  • You follow this method for 90 days and you will change your body.
  • You follow this method for 180 days and you will change your life.
  • You follow this method for 365 days and you will become UNSTOPPABLE!

As always, the choice is up to you, friend.

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