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Save 20% Off Red Burner & Red Focus with the Red Sniper Pre-Workout Stack!

Each Red Sniper Stack contains:

  • 1x Bottle of Red Burner ($39.99)
  • 1x Bottle of Red Focus ($39.99)

You receive $80 in value for only $64.99!

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Save 20% Off Red Burner & Red Focus With The Red Sniper Pre-Workout Stack!

Each Red Sniper Pre-Workout Stack contains:

1x Bottle of Red Focus (60 capsules) Normally Priced: $39.99

1x Bottle of Red Burner (90 capsules) Normally Priced: $39.99

You receive both of these amazing supplements for only: $64.99!

The Modern Pre-Workout Stack Has Arrived.

Most pre-workouts on the market today are mass-produced jugs of garbage packed to the gills with stimulants that make your heart feel like it’s going to explode.

Not only is it not necessary to drink 400+ mg of caffeine per serving as so many of these pre-workouts are dosed with, it’s unhealthy for you and hurting your gains in the gym.

If you’re drinking 500+ mg of caffeine a day, you’re going to sleep like sh*t. This negatively impacts your body’s ability to recover and grow muscle.

So even if you’re going to the gym everyday high off of stimulants throwing weights every which way, it’s just going to be breaking down your body more, instead of building it up.

It’s a problem.

It’s a problem that we aim to fix.


The solution to the perfect pre-workout formula is a stack that has JUST ENOUGH CAFFEINE TO DO THE JOB, BUT NOT OVERLY DONE!

Rather than simply overloading the pre-workout with caffeine, you add in other stimulants that help to wake your brain up, and speed up your central nervous system, without making it feel like your heart is going to pound out of your chest.

You do this by combining some traditional stimulants with some new-aged, nootropic, stimulants.

The first product is Red Burner.

Red Burner is a pre-workout/dieting supplement containing 100mg of Caffeine per capsule. (Equivalent to around 1 cup of coffee)

For use as a pre-workout supplement, we recommend taking 2 capsules of Red Burner 30-60 minutes before you’re going to hit the gym.

If you don’t normally consume caffeine, start with 1 capsule to assess your tolerance.

Some pre-workout powders and pre-made drinks contain close to 400mg of caffeine per dosage now, which is FAR TOO MUCH!

Red Burner is a much safer approach to pre-workout energy that contains:

  • Caffeine anhydrous – used to help boost energy & increase physical performance
  • Green Tea – Used to boost antioxidants in the blood and curb the negative jittery effects of caffeine.
  • N-acetyl L tyrosine – used to improve alertness and combat stress
  • B phenylethylamine – helps increase dopamine levels in the brain that enhance your mood
  • Dendrobium – helps boost physical and athletic performance by mimicking adrenaline release and activating a stronger fight or flight response when it comes to pounding the weights.
  • T2 – A powerful thyroid activating ingredient that helps to naturally ramp up your metabolism, giving you more energy and helping to burn fat

Red Burner isn’t just caffeine, caffeine, and more caffeine.

It’s a much deeper blend of ingredients that work together to help improve your body as an entire functioning unit!

The next ingredient in the Red Sniper Stack is Red Focus, a supplement that is the perfect compliment to Red Burner!

Here’s why this stack destroys all other pre-workouts…


The biggest advantage of the Red Sniper Stack is that the brain-boosting compounds from a nootropic (Red Focus) combined with the energy boosting properties of a stimulant (Red Burner) create an amazing mind-muscle connection in the gym!

You may have heard of the term “mind-muscle connection” before.

It’s when you fully “lock-in” to your muscles and how you are lifting that weight. You feel every inch of the lift as it maximizes the strain put on the specific muscles you are targeting.

You need to have an amazing mind-muscle connection to achieve legendary pumps.

And the mind-muscle connection you get from combining Red Burner & Red Focus is absolutely insane!

Red focus contains a handful of nootropic compounds that work on neurotransmitters  in the brain to help steadily and continuously shuttle cognitive and focus elements to your brain throughout the duration of your workout.

Think of combining Red Burner and Red Focus as a steady energy that continues to bang hard during your workouts without any type of crash or feeling of over-stimulation.

Think of this Red Sniper Stack as the perfect time released stack that really starts to bang hard as the workout goes on, not just the quick jolt that most pre-workouts provide in just the beginning!

These crashes and over-stimulation can actually cause negative effects with traditional pre-workout supplements, such as but not limited to: nausea, vomiting, anxiety, paranoia, and an artificially increased heart rate that is taken far beyond a safe level.

The Red Sniper Stack is much more than these overloaded caffeine drinks that are flying off the shelves lately!

Stimulant/nootropic pre-workouts are going to be the new elite pre-workouts in the near future and you’re going to want to get your hands on them now before they gain popularity.

The science behind a mildly dosed stimulant combined with nootropics is something that you’re going to begin seeing a lot more of in the near future!

Order the Red Sniper Stack today and get the perfect pre-workout/nootropic blend for an entirely different type of energy and a smooth/steady release that actually makes you feel good without a crash after you train!

There is something to be said about looking good and FEELING GOOD IN THE GYM!

If you’re looking for that serious mind-muscle connection for the best pre-workout money can buy, then pick up the Red Sniper Pre-workout Stack today!

How To Use The Red Sniper Pre-Workout Stack:

30 minutes before going to the gym consume:

  • 2 capsules of  Red Focus
  • 1-2 capsules of Red Burner

(Note: If you do not consume caffeine regularly, then take 1 capsule of Red Burner to start.)

Be sure to consume upwards of 1 gallon of water per day when using this stack!

  1. Jason Choate

    These two supplements are absolutely amazing! Combining these two together is even more amazing. I use as a preworkout, as well as a cognitive enhancer on those days when I quite simply just need to get things done!

    • RedSteve

      Thanks for your review Jason!

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