Red Supplements T-Shirt – Size L

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Made out of 100% pure, organic, cotton. RED SHIRTS are designed with the “V-taper” body shape in mind.


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Why is it such pain in the ass to find great t-shirts?

You just want a shirt that is soft, comfortable, looks good and can handle being thrown in the wash 100s of times without breaking the bank.

We have no idea why companies don’t sell t-shirts like this.

The t-shirts that you buy today that are either cheaply made in Asia by children that fall apart after going in the wash 2 times…

Or they are $50 for a t-shirt with a stupid design on them.



Made out of 100% pure, organic, cotton, RED SHIRTS are the softest and most comfortable t-shirts you have ever worn before.

SHIRTS that will look the same after 6 months of hard use as when you took them out of the package.

We don’t have stupid designs all over the place.

A simple “Red Supplements” across the front is all you need to let other people that you’re a man who is a part of the RED ARMY that doesn’t take shit from nobody.

That you are a man on a mission to be the best that he can be. No excuses.

Also, what the heck is up with t-shirts that make you look like you’re wearing a dress?

RED SHIRTS are designed with the “V-taper” body shape in mind.

Wide at the top to show off your massive shoulders that gradually slims down to your waist to show off your rock solid core.

You spend hours in the gym to look great, RED SHIRTS are here to help show that off, not hide it behind rolls of fabric.

RED SHIRTS come in 4 colors because you don’t need a wardrobe that looks like the rainbow.


Designed to feel the best, while making you look the best, that’s the RED SHIRT Guarantee.




Black, Grey, Green, Red

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