Red Supplements Work & Play Bundle

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Save 20% Off Red Monkey And Red Focus With The Red Supplements Work & Play Bundle!

Each Work & Play Bundle Contains:
1 Bottle of Red Monkey (Normally $27.99)
1 Bottle of Red Focus (Normally $31.99)
You Receive $60 in value for only $46.99!

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Red Monkey 5-htp


The Mood Enhancement Formula That Actually Works

  • Kills social anxiety
  • Increases sense of well-being
  • Improves your mood
  • Provides stress relief
  • Increases sleep quality
  • Reduces general anxiety
  • Faster cognition
  • Increases memory
  • Better sleep quality
  • Improves concentration
  • Feelings of centeredness
  • 60 capsules

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Designed specifically to enhance mental clarity, cognitive function, memory, absorption, concentration, focus, wakefulness, and energy without any of the harsh side effects of traditional stimulants

In stock

Save 20% Off Red Monkey And Red Focus With The Work & Play Bundle!

Each Red Supplements Work & Play bundle contains:

1x Bottle of Red Monkey (60 capsules) Normally Priced: $27.99

1x Bottle of Red Focus (30 capsules) Normally Priced: $31.99

There Is A Time For Work And There Is A Time For Play.

This bundle is designed to help improve your performance with work and play.

In life there are times when you need to sit down and crank out some work.

That is what Red Focus is for.

RED FOCUS is a concentration boosting supplement designed to help you be more productive and get work done.

Red Focus can help get you in the zone to work hard and get sh*t done.

Fueled by 10 powerful nootropic compounds, Red Focus is an all-natural alternative to traditional stimulant based focus supplements.

There is no caffeine or other stimulant in Red Focus meaning that there is no comedown and crash from Red Focus.

After you take it, you can just enjoy a calm and steady level of focus that can help you work for hours on end.

You know what they say, all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy.

So once work is finished, then it is time to play.

That's where Red Monkey comes in.

RED MONKEY is a mood boosting, social anxiety killing supplement designed to help you be more outgoing and social.

Red Monkey can help you feel calm, cool, and collected when you are in social situations or an unfamiliar environment.

We often like to compare Red Monkey's feel good effects with the effects that you can get when you're tipsy off alcohol.

When you're happy, feeling good, confident, able to talk to anybody, with some pep in your step.

Red Monkey can help you feel all of these things while you have a clear, sober, head on your shoulders.

It is the ultimate wingman for when you're looking to go out and have some fun.

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